WARNING: Malicious Kickass Torrents clones designed to steal your bank details


Following the closure of the world’s most popular torrent site, Kickass Torrents, which was taken offline last month, cyber criminals are using its name to trick people into handing over their credit card details.

Kickass Torrents, was seized last month by US authorities and its alleged owner arrested over copyright violations.

While the site remains inaccessible, other copycat sites have appeared online but many have been discovered to be mirrors, built to look exactly the same as the original sites.

These mirrored sites are being used by cyber criminals to force unsuspecting users to sign up to what they believe is a Kickass Torrents account and in the process are demanding they hand over their credit card details.

The clone has appeared on a number of sites which use a domain very similar to the original Kickass site.

Kickass Torrents

One of the Kickass Torrents clones was recently online at kat.com, which was one of the sites taken down by the US authorities.

The original version of the site was largely safe for users – aside from the risks associated with downloading torrents.

However, it now seems that cybercriminals have bought the domain and are seizing on the fact the original site is offline in order to trick people who want to download torrents.

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Last year, similar mirrors appeared when the Pirate Bay was taken offline.

While some of the mirrors offered a way for users to gain access to the content that was on the old site, others were setup to include malicious files used to carry out ransomware attacks.

In July, US authorities took Kickass Torrents offline claiming it had been used to distribute more than $1 billion worth of copyrighted material since 2008.

Law enforcement officials said the site had a net worth of some $54 million and at the time of its closure was the 69th most visited website in the world.

In recent years it had replaced the Pirate Bay as the largest source of pirated material available online.

Source: Hackread


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