Warning over new Apple Mac virus that can see everything you type and access all your documents


Apple Mac owners are being warned about a dangerous new virus that can see everything you type, take screenshots every thirty seconds and access all your documents and videos.

The Apple Mac virus is a strain of malware known as Mokes.A, and was discovered by Stefan Ortloff from Kaspersky Labs. A similar version of the malware was discovered on Windows earlier this year.

Because the virus is capable of seeing what keys the user has typed, it could help give cyber criminals access to passwords, bank account details and other sensitive information. It could also let hackers take control of a breached Mac remotely, Stefan warned.

The discovery of this rare OS X malware comes just a week after Apple was forced to release two major security updates for iOS and OS X operating systems.

The updates were released after security analysts discovered that hackers could take control of a device with just one click of a malicious link.

While Apple devices are far less susceptible to malware and viruses than PCs, this isn the first time hackers have tried to target Mac computers.

Earlier this year, Mac users were targeted in a ransomware attack that would lock their machine until they handed over payment to hackers.

More recently, iPhone users have been continually targeted in a wide range of phishing attacks.

How to protect your Mac from the Mokes.A malware

Because it is not known exactly how the Mokes.A virus infects Macs, it makes it difficult for users to know how to protect themselves.

Users are reminded to always use anti-virus software and never download software, email attachments or any other files from an untrusted source.

You should also always make sure you keep the operating system up to date.


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