WARNING: If you receive this message on your iPhone delete it immediately


Security researchers have discovered a devastating ‘text bomb’ that can crash any iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The text bomb is able to crash Apple devices thanks to the use of single character from a language used in India.

Opening a message containing the character is enough to crash Apple’s system that manages the home screen, called iOS Springboard.

Apple devices running the latest version of its mobile operating, iOS 11.2.5, as well as Macs, are at risk from the bug, which also disables access to iMessages.

The bug also cuts off access to other popular apps such as WhatsApp, Outlook for iOS, Gmail and Facebook Messenger.

The bug was first reported by Italian tech site Mobile World and has now been widely replicated with numerous confirmations of its existence posted online.

The character in question is from the Telugu language which spoken by approximately 70 million people in India.

Apps are unable to process the character and as they try and fail to load it, they are sent into an endless loop of crashes.

The only way to escape the loop is to get someone else to message you so that cycle is interrupted.

Apple has confirmed it is working on a fix.


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