WATCH: The incredible flying boat that could revolutionise travel between Thailand’s islands


A video reveals an incredible flying boat that could revolutionise travel between many of the world’s most popular islands.

The AirFish 8 (AF8) flies just above the water on a cushion of air and has room for two crew and eight passengers.

The winged aircraft needs 500 metres to take off but is capable of reaching a top speed of 106 knots or 196km/h, which is more than twice the speed of most ferries.

The AirFish 8 is the creation of Singaporean firm Widgetworks who say it could revolutionise travel between islands in places such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Caribbean.

The AF8 has a range of approximately 920km and is powered by a seven litre V8 500bhp engine, similar to those found in a racing car. It runs of 95 Octane grade unleaded gasoline, which is significantly cheaper than aviation fuel.

Widgetworks say the technology used in the AF8 could be used on a larger aircraft to carry as many as 50 passengers.

“There are a lot of islands that do not have the funding to build infrastructure to take light aircraft or even bigger aircraft, Widgetworks executive director Kenneth Tan told Channel News Asia.

“And there are islands that are too far away, whereby conventional ferry travel could be too long. And these islands are, most of the time, left deserted.

“With this craft, we’re breaking into new frontiers, reopening up all these islands for future development,” Mr Tan added.

“It effectively provides a very safe, fast and comfortable ride as well as a very economical mode of transportation from place to place.

“And if anything goes wrong, the runway is only metres above the water.”


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