WATCH: Terrifying bionic spider that can move better and faster than you


A German technology company has created a bionic spider that looks like something out of a sci-fi horror movie.

Called the BionicWheelBot, the spider has eight legs and can walk, run and roll up into a ball – all at terrifying speeds.

The robo spider has been created by scientists at Festo and has been modeled on a real life flic-flac spider which can propel itself off the ground and perform backflips and cartwheels.

Just like the flic-flac spider, the BionicWheelBot can change its movement based on its terrain.

To perform a roll, it bends three legs on its left and right side to change its shape into that of a wheel or ball.

Its two other legs then extend to push the BionicWheelBot along the floor, which stops it from grinding to a halt and ensuring that it can still move forward even on rough terrain.

The BionicWheelBot isn’t the only animal inspired robot that Feso has built. It’s other creations include an army of bionic creatues including jellyfish, butterflies, a kangaroo and dragonfly.

The company has also revealed its BionicFlyingFox, which is modeled on the huge flying fruit bats of the same name.

Its aerodynamic and agile design allows it to fly through the air just like the real life version.


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