Watching Netflix offline: Company drops big hint about the feature we’ve all been waiting for


It is the one feature that Netflix viewers around the world want more than any other.

The ability to watch favourite TV shows and movies from the on demand service without needing an internet connection has been top of the wish list ever since Netflix launched its online service back in 2011.

However, unlike a number of its rivals, Netflix currently doesn’t have any option for watching content offline.

But all that could be about to change.

The company has recently revealed that it is looking at the possibility of being able to give users the option of watching Netflix offline.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings hinted at the new feature in an interview earlier this week.

Such a move would allow mobile users to download content to their smartphone or tablet so they can view it later without the need of an internet connection.

The company believes an offline option would help to further expand its business around the globe.

Speaking about allowing users to watch Netflix offline, Hastings said: “We’re open-minded about it as we’ve expanded globally.”

This is a big change from previous comments from Hastings who had said Netflix would “never” allow an offline mode.

Hastings added that an offline mode would be a good feature for the company as additional costs would be kept to a minimum and charges could be factored into licensing deals for TV shows or movies.

The news comes as Netflix recently announced a price increase for customers in the US and UK, although it is still unclear if subscribers to Netflix Thailand will be forced to fork out more for the video streaming service.

The company also announced that it failed to meet targets for adding new subscribers, revealing that it had 1.7 million new subscribers globally in the second quarter of 2016 – some way short of the 2.5 million target.


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