What to expect on Monday’s Apple Watch event


By now, most people that follow technology will know that the Apple Watch is due to be announced at an event on Monday. What can we expect and will there be any surprises?

Apple Watch unveil

Since September, there has been a seemingly long wait for more details about the highly anticipated Apple Watch.

At this point, we know a lot about the design and features of the watch itself, but there are some key questions left that will hopefully be answered tomorrow. Thai Tech will be staying up late to watch the keynote live, so expect a full report on Tuesday morning.

Apple Watch Closeup 2

Price and availability

Prime among these are the price and availability. It’s expected that the first countries to receive the watch in April will be the U.S, Germany, the UK and Hong Kong, as those countries have already witnessed a slew of adverts for the watch appear in popular fashion magazines.

Price-wise, it is expected that while the base Sport model will retail for around $350, the next tier (the stainless steel model) could retail for more than $1000, and the solid gold Edition model might cost anything up to $20,000.

Coupled with the issues about pricing, are the huge array of options that will be available – different faces and straps, as well as two sizes of watch (a 38mm case and a slightly larger 42 mm case) – will those cost the same or will the 42mm model be more expensive?

Apple Watch Edition Price

Apple Watch battery life

There is also a huge question mark over the real-world battery life, with recent reports saying that Apple has implemented some power saving features that will help the watch last all day under ‘normal’ use. It’s likely that the Apple Watch will need to be charged at night, using the rather nice inductive charger that magnetically grips the back of the watch.

Apple is likely to unveil lots of third-party apps and partnerships, as it has recently invited companies such as Facebook and BWM to a secret lab at its Cupertino headquarters, to finalise apps before the big event on Monday.

In terms of the Apple Watch specs, we already know that it will be powered by a new microchip that has been designed by Apple, and likely fabricated by Taiwan-based TMSC. The screen is a high resolution OLED display, and it also has an array of sensors for fitness activities and heart rate.

Any other surprises?

Apple CEO Tim Cook will no doubt kick of tomorrow’s Apple Watch presentation (which is at midnight, Bangkok time), but there’s also a chance that the company will also unveil a new, ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook Air that uses Intel’s new Broadwell architecture – meaning that the laptop may become fanless (and hence consume less power) for the first time ever.

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By this time on Tuesday, all will be revealed, so if you’re in the market for a new iOS-compatible smart watch, get your credit cards ready…