WhatsApp to finally add this much needed feature


A new feature is being made available for users of WhatsApp that will mean that they can delete sent messages.

Dubbed as “Delete for Everyone”, it is in the final stages of development and a release date is close to being announced.

WABetaInfo, which keeps tabs on new features likely to be added to upcoming WhatsApp updates, tweeted: “DELETE FOR EVERYONE FEATURE: WhatsApp is finally testing the Delete for Everyone feature: the server finally works and it successfully recalls the message.

“Also if the server works, this does not mean that the feature is currently enabled.

“It will be remotely enabled later, and seen that WhatsApp “enabled” their servers for the Delete for Everyone feature, it may really be enabled soon.”

It has been rumored for some time that the feature will launch and will its introduction is likely to be a relief for all those who have sent messages and immediately regretted it that its appearance is getting closer.

According to WABetaInfo the new feature will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

On the iOS version of WhatsApp, users have the option of pressing and holding on a message that will then reveal two new options in a small menu: Edit and Revoke. Revoke only works however if the recipient hasn’t read the message yet.

At present if messages are deleted, they will just be removed from your own device but will be visible to those you sent it to. Thankfully, Revoke should mean that even GIFs and images can be removed – so long as they haven’t already been seen!


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