WhatsApp is testing yet another Snapchat style feature


Following on from the launch of Stories on Instagram – a Snapchat style feature, it appears that WhatsApp could be launching a similar feature of their own.

According to Android Authority, WhatsApp are currently testing a new feature that will be dubbed “Status” and it will be included in the latest beta version of the app available to both Android and iOS users.

As you might imagine, the new feature is very similar to Stories and aims to allow users to share several different stories each day.

The update is shared between all the users’ contacts and is visible for 24 hours. If you have downloaded the latest beta you will find the new feature under the “Status” tab on WhatsApp, which can be located in the in between the “Chats” and “Calls” tabs.

Whatsapp Snapchat


Users will be able to add text to images and videos as well as being able to draw on the images using the neat pencil tool. Emojis can also be added if you so wish.

The new feature is hidden from regular users who haven’t downloaded the latest beta version (2.16.336).

WhatsApp will be looking to get as much feedback as possible on the new feature and assuming that this is favourable, after a few tweaks here and there; it will more than likely be rolled out to regular users. No date has been given for this but we are lead to believe that it will be “soon”.

Last month, it was revealed that WhatsApp had also been testing a new feature that would enable users to make video calls.


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