WhatsApp launches flat fee WhatSim, cheap calls everywhere


WhatsApp, the popular chat and messaging app, has announced the new WhatSim card which offers super cheap calls anywhere in the world for a yearly flat fee.


WhatSim does away with roaming charges

The WhatSim card is designed to be used with WhatsApp; you pay no contract and incoming calls are free. The card promises complete freedom from contracts and around 85% off calls, texts and the mobile Internet.

By using WhatSim it means that instead of a single contract with a mobile provider, you have just one SIM that works with the network which offers the best service in your area, wherever you are in the world. The company has already done deals with more than 400 mobile companies in 150 countries, and charges a flat fee of 10 Euros per year for unlimited text messaging. However, picture messages, calls, video and voice messages are charged extra, but you should only pay local call costs wherever you are.

WhatsApp WhatSim


The best thing is that there are no contracts, and incoming calls are always free, but the key point is that there are no roaming charges at all. It’s ideal for travellers, who will be able to use the What Sim card in 150 destinations without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot.


All the calls are routed via WhatsApp (which has around 700 million users worldwide) however you can only communicate with other people by using WhatsApp. The WhatSim website says that Thailand is in “Zone 2”, which means that you’ll get approximately 12,500 text messages for the flat fee.

WhatsApp is already included on all new Samsung phones, but of course it has to be enabled on each person’s phone or you won’t be able to call them. However, since there’s 700 million users of WhatsApp, the chances are the person you want to call or text already has it installed.

WhatSim CEO Manuel Zanella says that the WhatSim card will especially appeal to travellers.

“In a world where more and more people are traveling, the need to stay in touch with others in a
simple and fast way has become essential. Once we would call, then we started sending text messages. Since 90% of my contacts have WhatsApp, I decided to create a Sim card dedicated specifically to WhatsApp”.

For anyone that travels regularly and has most of their contacts on WhatsApp, the WhatSim could be a great idea to save money when abroad. Let us know your opinion in the comments below.



  1. nickcage49 on

    So just to understand, you can only call or text people who have WhatsApp?

  2. Rory Keelan on

    Sounds excellent, even if I would probably retain my existing Cyprus SIM for business use, I would carry a second phone with a WhatSim for the bulk of my personal calls.

  3. LordSnootyandHisPals on

    With the WhatsApp SIM – yes.
    The other major drawback for me is that the ghastly Succuberg of Farcebook now owns WhatsApp, so before you jump in, consider what that implies in terms of your independence, privacy and perhaps ultimately your sanity.

    I’ll wait for the competition.

  4. Incoming calls? The site doesn’t say anything about incoming calls.

    From FAQ: Can I make calls, send text messages or surf the Internet?
    No, you can only use WhatSim to chatting using messaging apps.