WhatsApp reveals how to spot potentially malicious accounts


A new FAQ has been published on the WhatsApp site relating to important information concerning business accounts.

There are tips on how to identify a verified business and the same with those that are not.

It seems that the intention is for WhatsApp Business to be a separate app to the regular version.

As it will be specifically designed for businesses, the new platform will make it far easier for business and customers to communicate.

It was WABetainfo that first spotted the new page and explains the different badges.

“You can check your contact’s profile to see which type of account they’re using,” it reads.

A Business account with a green checkmark badge in its profile has been verified as “an authentic brand” by WhatsApp.

If a grey checkmark badge appears next to a Business Account profile, it means that the number has been verified as being registered to the business and is indeed operated by them.

However, if the company has a grey question mark, it means that the account remains unverified.

It is pretty obvious that you should be wary of a company that tries to contact and it has a question mark next to their badge.

Fake business accounts are potentially far more dangerous than private ones as it may not seem unusual for a company with whom you ARE familiar with to be asking for your personal details.

However, just because the badge shows an image of that company, it doesn’t mean that it necessarily is!

“We also provide you with the tools you need to control your experience with businesses. You can block business accounts and report them as spam at any time, right within the chat (open the chat > tap the Menu Button > Report spam or Block),” the FAQ continues.

“Note: Business verification and confirmation don’t indicate an endorsement by WhatsApp.”

It seems that WhatsApp is keen to clear any potential confusion before the Business app is released.


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