WhatsApp rival Viber rolls out new self-destructing ‘Secret Chats’ feature


Viber has now introduced a ‘Secret Chats’ facility designed to protect users from CIA agents spying on their chats.

The idea follows on from Snapchat’s similar feature where messages self-destruct after a certain period of time determined by the user.

Screenshot restrictions will also be in place in Secret Chats. iOS users will be the only users allowed to capture screenshots of conversations but, be warned, Viber will inform users when this happens.

The new feature allows users to have two conversations with same contact, one of which is marked with a lock symbol to show it is protected.

Interestingly, messages can’t be forwarded in Secret Chats and message notifications will only read ‘Message’, with no further information revealed.

“Having a messaging app that connects you to the people you care about is great – unless you feel like you can’t talk about everything you want,” Viber said in a blog post

“Our goal is to continue to bring you features that will enable you to communicate without limitation and without hesitation.”

WikiLeaks’ recent Vault 7 data release claimed that the CIA had established ways to bypass the encryption security that messaging apps such as WhatsApp had put in place. Frighteningly, this was done by HACKING the devices directly. 

Viber introduced end-to-end encryption – which also applies to Secret Chats – last year, but the company clearly believes the new self-destruct feature goes a step further. 


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