Whatsapp rollouts MAJOR new update for iPhone users


Whatsapp have now released their updated version of the app that makes the most of iOS 10’s new features.

One such improvement is the ability to use Siri whilst in Whatsapp.

For instance, you can ask Siri to “Send a WhatsApp message to Sarah saying hi”, and Whatsapp will actually make that happen.

A separate window appears with a preview of the message, similar to what happens currently with the built in messaging app on iPhone, which allows you to review the message before sending it off.

It is also possible to select Whatsapp (or any other messaging app for that matter) as your default method of getting in touch with a particular contact.

You won’t have to worry who uses what messaging service as your iPhone will remember that for you so in this case “Sarah” will receive all the messages that you send via Whatsapp.

Those same changes have been brought to a range of other apps such as Uber.

You can now ask Siri to call you a taxi and she will do so by booking a ride for you via the Uber app.

iOS 10 users will also have access to CallKit and this again benefits Whatsapp.

CallKit allows other apps to work in the same manner as your phone app.

So if someone calls you on Whatsapp you will have the optionto answer it, ignore it or send a message telling the calling person why you are unavailable.

This new improvement is far less controversial than the announcement a few weeks ago that Whatsapp was going to share all its data with Facebook so that should please everyone all round.


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