WhatsApp rolls out major new update but iPhone users set to miss out


WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app has just released a new GIF search feature on the Android beta version.

GIF was supported last year in WhatsApp but this is the first opportunity for users to search for them directly from the app and users can find them in services such as GIPHY, which you may already use.

As well as the GIFs update, WhatsApp has now expanded the facility to share media with the limit now raised from ten to thirty files.

The Android beta version, known as version 2.17.6 is available now with the full Android release thought to be imminent.

However, the news for Apple users is not so great with no date available as yet on when the feature will be available on iOS. This is not the first time that Android has been favoured over iOS.

Last Year, Facebook owned WhatsApp rolled out its new camera modes on Android several weeks before they were available on iOS.

iPhone users were recently target by a scam claiming that they would need to start paying for the service. The message read: “WhatsApp will become chargeable”, warning users to forward the message “to at least 10 contacts.”

This supposedly turns your logo blue as opposed to green and then your messages remain free.

The company has urged users not to interact with the messages, but instead delete them and block the sender.


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