WhatsApp set to bring back this much loved feature


Last month WhatsApp announced a complete overhaul of its status feature.

The new status option allowed users to broadcast short Snapchat style videos, GIFs or photos to their contacts, who can then reply with their own message customised with an emoji or handwritten annotation.

The status broadcast then disappears after 24 hours.

Previously WhatsApp users were able to add a plain line of text as a status update, but this feature was replaced when the bumper update that was rolled out in February.

The line of text was visible to all contacts and as well as letting users add their own update, also gave them a selection of pre set updates such as “Available”, “At Work” or “Can’t Talk WhatsApp Only”.

While the new rich status updates offer whole load of options, WhatsApp users have been disappointed the the new updates came at the expense of the more basic status update.

Well now it looks like WhatsApp has listened to its users, with tech blog Android Police reporting the simple text status update has been brought back in the latest beta version of the app, where it can be accessed in the Profile settings.

Android Police however, reports that text status update is being reworked into a new About Me style profile update.

Facebook owned WhatsApp is yet to confirm if the feature will make a return, but the fact it is included in the latest beta version is the biggest hint yet users will see it when WhatsApp releases its next major update.

The news comes after Reuters reported that WhatsApp could soon let business contact WhatsApp users directly in bid to generate advertising revenue.


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