WhatsApp voice calls being rolled out in India


WhatsApp is finally rolling out the much anticipated voice calls feature it has been promising for more than a year.

According to reports, some users in India have claimed they were able to make voice calls using WhatsApp.

A post made to the user generated news and social media site Reddit apparently showed images of WhatsApp’s voice call feature but the post was later removed from the site.

However, a video has also appeared on YouTube which shows the WhatsApp voice calls feature in action.

It is believed that WhatsApp voice calls will initially only be available on Android and that users will need to download the latest version of WhatsApp in order to be able to use the new feature.

At this moment in time, the availability to Android users is unclear, although Android Authority is reporting that the feature is being offered on a per user basis, with users only being able to activate the service if they themselves receive a WhatsApp call – kind of like an invite system.

This isn’t the first time details of WhatsApp’s voice call feature have been leaked.

In December 2014, the Dutch tech blog Android World, posted screenshots of the feature, screenshots which incidentally look very similar to the images released in this latest leak.

The news of WhatsApp potentially announcing the launch of a voice call feature in near future follows the news yesterday of the new WhatSim – a new SIM card which offers cheap calls to anywhere in the world for a yearly flat fee.

WhatsApp also recently launched a web extension which enables users to access the instant messaging platform via the web browser on their desktop.

The company, which was bought by Facebook for $22 billion in 2014 recently announced it had more than 700 million users.



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