Whatsapp update: Here’s how to use the secret new font


The latest Whatsapp update on Android, iOS and web brings with it the ability to send messages in a font called FixedSys.

The iconic font was first used in the original version of Windows which launched back in 1985.

The new font is easily activated by adding the ` character three times at the start and end of your conversation.

For example, you could say “`Hi, how are you?“` and your message will be displayed in the new font.

We tested this out earlier and can confirm it works on Android.

Whatsapp update font

However, if you are using an older iPhone, you may not be able to use the new feature without downloading another keyboard from the App Store, as the ` character is not available by default.

For phones running newer versions of iOS, hold down the apostrophe and you should get options for some other punctuations marks – the ` character should be there.

This isn’t the first time Whatsapp has secretly released an update that enables users to add customisation to their messages.

Back in March, the Facebook owned company made it possible for users to add basic formatting such as bold and italic to messages.

To add bold to your message all you need to do is add an asterisks either side of a word.

*happy birthday*

Adding underscores either side puts the word in italics.

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