While True Corp. boast about their fantastic service, the reality on the ground is somewhat different


Executives of the True Corporation were all smiles yesterday as they spoke of their brilliant packages, superb and ever increasing internet speeds, fantastic market share and huge profits.

But meanwhile Bangkok users were still suffering from no internet at all. TV screens were blank. And people were considering dumping the company if only they could find something better.

No mention was made at yesterday’s press conference about the company’s TV arm ripping off consumers over promises to air HBO movies.

Or the five million baht fine imposed on them by the telecommunications commission for breach of contract. Or what measures the company intends to make to rectify the situation and reimburse
consumers properly.

Instead True’s deputy head of commerce Suphakit Watthanadit was all smiles and thumbs up for the cameras as the company announced their latest online packages.

The beaming executive said they now had a 38% market share in broadband and were bringing in the fastest upload speeds to the country.

They now had 2.7 million broadband users after investing 3.3 billion baht between 2014 and 2016. He boasted about being number one in Thailand outstripping the growth in the market with their own fantastic performance. It was all reported by Daily News.

But in northern Bangkok at least the situation was not so rosy.

A Thaivisa reporter who wished to remain anonymous told us: “True can bang on all they like. But the reality is somewhat different.

“I work from home and the internet has been down for about six days in the last two weeks.

“This is downtown Bangkok – not the boondocks. They talk about their great service then don’t provide it. But they take your money alright.

“Sure they send out SMS’s to say that the service is down. Great – but then it happens again. And again.

“I am waiting for the letter that says I don’t have to say for the service that I have not received this month. Dream on – any complaints to their customer service department are just met with tumbleweed and false promises.

“The only policy they seem to rigidly stick to is to cut you off if you don’t pay.

“They are just like a monopoly in some areas and its all very well to try to change providers but to what?

“I changed to their TV service after the debacle of CTH left me without TV.

“But now their poor service is almost as outrageous as that company”.

While the internet is down the reporter said that he could not use his TV and was forced to set up a tethered hotspot for online work which meant spending more money using up monthly data usage on a phone.

True came in for a lot of criticism this week for telling customers they would no longer receive HBO channels. The NBTC fined them 5 million baht and promised to come up with solution for disgruntled consumers many of whom said their contracts had been broken.

Many Thaivisa forum members complained about the company yesterday when news broke about the movie channels. Many suggested a boycott of the company while others complained about monopolies.


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