Will Haystack’s New App Replace Business Cards?


Just about everything is digitized in today’s modern world. But there’s still one piece of paper we just can’t seem to get rid of: business cards. Other startups have tried – and failed – to kill the business card, but they’ve somehow managed to stick around. All of that will change if the Haystack app has anything to do with it.

Haystack is a newly launched application that allows users to create their own digital card and store scanned copies of business cards. The app had been in open beta in Australia for quite some time before it launched today in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Despite only being marketed in Brisbane, the app attracted 3,000 businesses and even more users during its open beta phase.

Building your own digital business card is simple: just enter your email address. From here, Haystack will automatically brand your card by using the logo it finds online. Aside from your name and logo, you can also include any personal details you want to share, such as your social media accounts. Once your card is created, you can share it with through text or email right from the Haystack app. Business cards can also be scanned and stored in the app by snapping a photo of the card.

Haystack is free to download and available on Android and iOS devices.



  1. Great article. Thanks, Jacob. The app is not yet available in non English speaking countries yet, but we’re working hard to bring it to more countries and languages as soon as possible. Thanks, Ran. Founder & CEO at Haystack.