Will Human-Driven Cars Be Outlawed? Tesla’s Elon Musk Thinks So


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, made a bold statement that self-driving cars may cause manually driven vehicles to be outlawed. The famed CEO states that autonomous cars may be safer, and driving cars may be outlawed as a result.

Musk elaborated that he is in favor of people being able to drive their own vehicle, but believes, for safety reasons, new laws against human-driven vehicles may be put in place.

The announcement came at the Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference. Musk states that it would take nearly 20 years for all of the vehicles on the road to be replaced at the current rate. As of today, automakers produce 100 million vehicles a year with a total of 2 billion vehicles on the road.

Nvidia also announced their self-driving car computer available to developers for $10,000. The computer, called Drive PX, will use “deep learning.” A spokesperson for the company states that deep learning will allow a vehicle to learn from its driving patterns. This will allow a vehicle to be smarter over time.

Musk states that self-driving vehicles are going to be perfected in the coming years. Vehicles are able to drive at low speeds and highways with ease, but intermediate speeds and traversing obstacles are still being perfected.


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