Will quitting apps save the battery life of your smartphone?


We are forever being told to close down apps in order to help save the battery life of our smartphone’s and it becomes almost a regular maintenance check but for iPhone and iPad users does it actually have any benefit?

When Craig Federighi, responsible for overseeing the development of iOS, was asked firstly if he closed down all his apps when he was multitasking and secondly was there any benefit in doing so the answers came back as “no and no”.

Indeed the executives at Apple and their support page says that you should avoid force-quitting apps and should only carry out the process when you are having problems or issues with a particular app such as it freezing or failing to load correctly.

Generally this is something that you should avoid doing but this goes completely against the grain of what we are so frequently told.

So why does the impact of closing apps have little to no impact on battery life?

Basically, most apps are either frozen in RAM or not actually running even though they are still technically open. Your system tends to display them as history just on the basis of consistency so in reality that are not actually doing anything and therefore not using any battery life.

There are some applications that do use battery life such as GPS navigation, background music player and others of a similar ilk.

You can simply disable these apps should you so wish but force-quitting as with other apps is not recommended unless there is a major glitch.

So to conclude, quitting apps on your iPhone will not significantly save your battery life.

Source: 9to5Mac


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