Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Here’s a quick look at the best new features


The first birthday of Windows 10 is only a few days away and the anniversary will bring several new features for users whilst at the same time introducing some improvements to current components to improve the users’ experience.

Here are just a few of the new features you can expect in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update:


Cortana is the virtual assistant that is available on Windows 10 and the first of its kind to appear on a major operating system.

The upgrade will see Cortana act like an actual assistant and will have the ability to operate on the locked the screen meaning that users will be able to play music and ask questions before they even log in.

Cortana will allow users to schedule appointments in Outlook and search for documents without simply searching by titles.


Windows 10 will also come with enhanced security features meaning that logging on will be more secure and relatively straightforward.

This will include fingerprint and facial recognition. Windows Hello, which unfortunately will not be launched on 2 August, will see payment in websites available in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows Defender will have the option to schedule periodic scans warning of any potential threats.

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Windows Ink

Windows 10 will see further features included for surface laptops and the use of digital stylus.

This will be a similar feature to real life Post-It notes and will allow users to make notes or schedule tasks that need to be completed.


The Windows Play Anywhere Program will allow users to play Xbox games on any Windows 10 device.

A Dark Mode will also be included that will save the battery as well as extensions to the Microsoft Edge browser – similar to those available on Chrome or Firefox.

Naturally, no update would be complete without an impressive array emojis.

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