Windows 10: Cortana is coming to Android


A new update from Microsoft will allow Android smartphone users to benefit from more of Cortana’s features.

The smart assistant that has been a big hit on Windows 10, will now be available with just a single swipe making it easier to access allowing users to access Cortana even when their device is locked.

The news originally came from MSPowerUser who say that the feature is already being tested on beta program which is usually a sign that a general release is imminent.

Some users have been able to get Cortana from the Play Store – just type in “Add Cortana to my lock screen”. The Cortana logo will then appear and you can access it by swiping left or right.

Despite being available in the USA, Microsoft is only now starting to make the service available to Android users in other regions.

Cortana on Android has several new features including the facility to turn off your computer via a voice command as well as being able to restart, lock and change system volume.

Microsoft recently confirmed that they intend to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home by launching their own range of smart home hardware.

The Redmond tech giant is believed to be working on new new Home Hub software features which would help to transform any computer running Windows 10 into a smart, voice activated assistant, powered by Cortana.

Microsoft has already struck up a partnership with Intel that will allow makers of devices to incorporate Cortana and support far-field speech commands.

It is believed that Home Hub devices will have a better understanding of voice commands and will even work from further distances than other similar devices such as Amazon’s Echo.

Tech site Windows Central previously reported the Home Hub system will also include light and motion sensors that can wake up you PC or laptop whenever you walk into the room.


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