Windows 10 Creators Update could include even more ads!


Microsoft is on track to release the next major update to Windows 10 later this year.

Dubbed the Windows 10 Creators Update, it will be the biggest software upgrade Microsoft has released since its Anniversary Update back in August 2016.

The Creators Update is set to bring a whole host of new features, such as a new Game Mode which will significantly boost PC performance when gaming, Microsoft confirmed on Friday.

However, it seems that the Windows 10 Creators Update may also be packed full of advertisements and Microsoft looks to get the most out of its next software update.

According to new reports, the adverts will mainly be for Microsoft’s own products, as well as some other for the things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram apps.

The adverts will be included in an updated version of Share, which helps users easily share content with friends using Mail, Twitter or OneDrive.

However, it now seems that Share will be used to also offer links to other services which can be downloaded.

The updated version of Share was spotted by app developer Vitor Mikaelson, who noticed a new option to download an online storage option called Box.

Mikaelson that as he didn’t have any online storage solutions installed on his device that this was an advert to try and get him to download the Box app.

The introduction of ads in latest version of Microsoft’s operating system resulted in a backlash from users.

Following the roll out Windows 10, Microsoft has started to display ads in some fairly prominent places including the Start Menu and lock screen.

Pop up ads shown to Chrome users in Windows 10. Image: The Verge

The Redmond tech giant has even taken to displaying pop up ads to Chrome and Firefox users in order to try and get them to download their own Edge browser.

With the discovery of the new ads in the Share tool, it seems that the Windows 10 Creators Update is on track to be the most ad filled version of Windows to date.

The Creators Update, which is tipped to be released in April, is aimed at those working in the creative industries such as media and design.

The update will bring a number of improvements and add new features so for related to 3D design, gaming, social media and virtual reality.


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