Windows 10 Creators Update will make your PC more secure than ever


Thanks to a new update in Windows 10, Microsoft is making it easier than ever to boost security on your PC.

The new update will allow all Windows 10 users to view their security settings in one place via the Windows Defender Security Hub that ensures users are: “protected by default and continuously protected.”

The new service will be part of the Windows 10 Creators Update that is expected to launch in April.

2017 will be a big year for Microsoft with the company having some quite major plans.

In a blog post Microsoft said: “Security threats are some of the leading concerns our customers have with technology today and that’s why we’ve built Windows 10 to be the most secure version of Windows ever.”

The Windows Defender Security Hub will have five levels of protection to ensure that your device is fully protected from the latest threats.

These include virus and threat protection, which will stop malware from infecting your device, as well as letting you easily check on your third party antivirus and security settings.

If the Security Hub detects the subscription to your ant-virus software has expired, it will automatically start Windows Defender, Microsoft’s in-house antivirus, to make sure you are still protected.

There will also be a firewall and network protection and an ‘app and browser control’ that will make sure users don’t accidentally download anything from the internet that may harm their computer.

If you are member of the Windows Insider program the new service is available now. If not, April is just around the corner so you won’t have too long too wait.


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