Windows 10: Latest glitch gives Kindle users infamous Blue Screen of Death


Connecting your Kindle to a machine running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can cause a Blue Screen of Death crash and force you to reboot your computer.

Scores of users running the Anniversary Update have reported problems when connecting their Amazon Kindle to the their PC.

The issue seems to the latest in an ever increasing number of problems linked to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

The devices particularly affected are the Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Blue Screen of Death occurs when users connect their Kindle via USB in order to either recharge their device or transfer new ebooks from their computer to the e-reader.

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Some users claim that the glitch only occurs connected using USB 3.0. However, others say they get a Blue Screen of Death regardless of what type of USB is used.

Posting on Microsoft’s support forum, user Rick Hale wrote: “On Tuesday, I upgraded to the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10. Last night, for the first time since the upgrade, I mounted my Kindle by plugging it into a USB 2 port. I immediately got the blue screen with the QR code. I rebooted and tried several different times, even using a different USB cable, but that made no difference.”

Blue screen of death

Chris Sack/Flickr

While another user called Tuscat said he experienced the problem on both his Dell desktop and HP laptop said: “It’s pretty frustrating because I need to transfer some PDFs to the Kindle for my son’s school classes.”

In a statement, Microsoft confirmed it is aware of the problem and is working on a fix:

“We are aware of an issue with a small number of Kindle Voyager and Paperwhite e-Readers causing an unexpected behaviour when plugged into Windows 10 devices after installing the Anniversary Update.

“We are currently working on an update to address this issue.”

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The news comes after millions of users are believed to have been left unable to use their webcams after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The update, which Microsoft began to roll out to users from August 2nd, has dropped support for two of the most commonly used video formats, MJPEG and H.264.

This has meant that millions of third party webcams have been left unusable and users have been unable to use services such as Microsoft owned Skype.


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