Windows 10: Microsoft warns against using Google Chrome browser


Microsoft has been very keen recently to emphasise how energy efficient its Edge browser is in comparison to other browsers.

The Google Chrome browser, which is currently the most popular piece of software for accessing the web is perhaps one of the best known perpetrators for killing battery life and Microsoft are more than happy to make you aware of this.

Rudy Huyn, the Windows phone developer and current Dropbox developer has noted that Microsoft are now displaying a notice on some users’ battery icon informing them that Google Chrome is draining their battery 

This may be a little bit of a low blow but the information that they are putting out is quite accurate.

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Microsoft still has some way to go before they can realistically claim that Edge is a genuine competitor to Chrome, particularly regarding extensions which add additional functionality for the users and that are said to be officially coming to Windows 10 PC and tablet users with the Anniversary Update.

Regardless of the lack of extensions, for the time being at least, Edge is certainly a quick browser that is far kinder on your battery.

Perhaps this latest news may convince some Chrome users to make the switch, however, don’t expect Edge to replace Google Chrome as the leading web browser any time soon.

Last month, Microsoft released a video which reportedly showed the superior battery performance of Microsfot Edge compared to Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Microsoft claimed that using Edge gives users 70 percent more battery life than Google Chrome.



  1. I’m not a techie and who knows maybe Chrome does drain your battery.

    But what I don’t like, from my reading, about both chrome and edge is that they work hard to push you towards their own related products and even lock you out of certain products related to their opposition.

    Seems to me all of these companies should be monitored closely and if there is any evidence of the above they should be punished and forced to remove the ‘nasty’ functions / activities.

  2. Draz J Ekiel on

    I can’t stand chrome, it has a seperate process in task manager for every tab you have open(Or it did the last time I used it), which mean’s that when the browser hangs and you need to close it in the task manager you have to pot luck through the tabs hoping to close the offending one. At least in FF you just close the ONE process and then restart it. Or if it’s due to flash plugin container, just close that and refreesh the tab.
    Not to mention I just don’t like have 10+ processes in my task manager just from using my browser.

  3. If Microsoft worry so much about battery usage why not track battery usage by application right in Windows Process Explorer like they do in Google Android ?