Windows 10 updates for mobiles will come direct, bypassing phone companies


If you have a smartphone and are frustrated by the time it takes to get the latest update, you’ll be pleased to know (at least if you’re one of the minority that owns a Windows Phone) that Microsoft is planning to manage Windows 10 Mobile updates itself, rather than leaving it to the mobile operators.

Windows 10 updates more timely in future for mobile phones

This means that new versions of the OS should arrive on your mobile device in the same way that they do on your laptop or desktop. It’s basically the same method used by Apple to update iOS and should help to minimise issues with so-called fragmentation (where people are using so many different flavours of the operating system) in the years ahead.

“Today, we’re announcing this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones”, Microsoft said in a blog post. “Not only does it ensure everyone has the latest features, it also helps to keep the platform as secure as possible”.

Windows 10 Phone

Microsoft has also confirmed to various tech publications that mobile updates should roll out at the same time as desktop ones, though that does not apply to anyone running Windows Phone 8.1 – you will still have to wait longer before your Windows 10 mobile upgrade appears.

Involvement by the mobile phone operators is a huge issue in the US where updates can take weeks or months to come through. But in future, users will be able to expect shorter waiting times wherever they are in the world.

Windows 10 brings better integration with the desktop, universal apps that work across every type of device, and a complete redesign of the visual appearance.



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