Windows 10 Mobile Will Work on Most Windows Phones


Windows 10 Mobile released its first test build in February. At the time of the release, only a few Lumia phones were compatible with the new operating system. Now, the company has added code to its latest test build that will allow Windows 10 Mobile to be used on the vast majority of Windows Phones.

Initially, Microsoft executives stated that the limited phone availability was due to an installation process that was too demanding for some Lumia models. The main issue being the partition size of internal storage.

In a blog post from March 27th, Microsoft posted a new list of phones that will be able to run the Windows 10 operating system. The company has yet to release the update, which is expected later this week.

Microsoft is testing its newest operating system and taking comments very seriously after Windows 8 failed to meet user standards. Windows 10 is expected to be used across numerous platforms from tablets and smartphones to desktops.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul states that the new operating system will include two-factor authentication on all devices. This will eliminate system threats and is seen as one of the biggest security features that will be included in Windows 10.


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