Windows 10: New update will help you get even more out of your battery


Microsoft is about to add a very useful new battery option to Windows 10.

The new feature will reportedly allow users to quickly alter the power options in Windows 10, allowing them to choose between faster performance or longer battery life.

Microsoft will add the new feature in the form of a slider to the battery options which can currently be accessed by clicking on the battery or power icon located in the taskbar on Windows 10.

While these options do already exist in Windows 10, the updated version will be much more intuitive and easier to find.

Currently, the feature is buried in the Control Panel, with the new slider making it much easier for users to squeeze more juice out of their battery or to boost performance before using a heavy duty app or piece of software.

The new battery slider was discovered in the latest Windows 10 beta build (15014) and is available to people signed up to the Windows Insider program.

Windows 10 battery slider

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has said previously that improvement in battery power is something that will feature heavily in the new Windows 10 Creators Update, which is expected to be released in April.

The news comes after more details of what users can expect in the Creators Update become available almost daily.

Last week, it was revealed that Microsoft will add a new e-book store, while a new Game Mode has also been confirmed.

However, along with all the new features, it has also been revealed that the next major update to Windows could potentially include scores of annoying advertisements.

These advertisements are said to be for Microsoft’s own Personal Shopping Assistant, as well as for third party apps.


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