You can now order Windows 10 on a USB stick


Almost everyone will be aware by now that Windows 10 is set for release in just a couple of weeks. The company has already issued its latest pre-release build and things look to be shaping up nicely. There’s a little confusion over who can obtain Windows 10 and how much it costs, but at least now you can order Microsoft’s new operating system on a USB stick, a more convenient option for many people than DVDs or even just a digital download.

Windows 10 on-a-stick

For those people that prefer physical copies of software, various Amazon web pages have appeared selling Windows 10 on a flash drive, directly from Microsoft. Windows 10 Home USB drive costs $119.99 via Amazon, and Windows 10 Pro (in English) costs $199.99.

But why charge at all? Other companies give away their operating systems – OS X 10.11 is completely free for Mac users, though admittedly the company makes its money on hardware. But more than $100 seems a little expensive, surely?

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Microsoft has said that consumers can buy Windows 10 on USB sticks “in retail channels shortly after launch”. But Amazon appears to be the only retailer that currently has the drives for pre-order, with a strange date of August 30th shown.

Windows 10 is set to come out in late July, so the date might just be a placeholder, or perhaps the date that Microsoft considers “shortly after launch”. If you want to order one, you can do so here.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.


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