Windows 10 will run on the Raspberry Pi 2


Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 will run on the Raspberry Pi 2, the latest device from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It will also be completely free for the Maker community via the Windows Developer Program for Internet of Things.


Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry has won a lot of fans as it’s used by thousands of developers and hobby enthusiasts who want to tinker with the machine to create their own software, or use it for a plethora of projects.

The new version of the Raspberry Pi is a huge upgrade compared with the original model. It has a quad-core CPU that runs at 900 MHz, and a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) clocked at 250 Mhz as well as 1 GB of RAM. It costs just $35 and will be one of the cheapest Windows 10 PCs you can buy.

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In contrast, the first generation Raspberry Pi had a single-core processor running at 700MHz. The more powerful new model allows proper HD (1080p) video at 30fps, as well as support for the the H.264 video format, which achieves very efficient compression and great quality video.

Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi 2 has four USB ports, an HDMI socket, a microSD slot, 100 Mbps Ethernet and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

“Raspberry Pi has quickly become one of the Maker community’s favorite platforms because their highly-capable, low-cost boards and compute modules enable developers to bring their vision to life”, said Microsoft said in a blog post. “Raspberry Pi 2 is a surprisingly powerful device that opens up the world of computing and programing to a huge range of people and skill levels.”

You can order a Raspberry Pi 2 from the official store.

Do you think Windows 10 will run well on the Raspberry Pi 2? Do you have any experience of the diminutive PC and what do you make of it? Let us know in the comments…



  1. I tried Win 10 went from Win 8.1 Took them took both off and went back to The Best and most popular Operating System Windows 7
    Win 10 is Windows 8 with a Start menu of sorts
    I put Windows 8.1 up there with Windows ME & Vista I guess bad things do come in 3’s

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