Windows 10: The dreaded Blue Screen of Death is set for a makeover


Most of us, at one time or another will have seen the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which is displayed whenever your Windows PC or laptop has experienced a near fatal error.

If nothing else, it perhaps acts as a reminder that the end is nigh for your device.

The BSOD may however be changing as spotted by some eagle-eyed users on Twitter. It appears that the screen now has taken on a new green appearance.

User Chris123NT was the first person to share an image of the new colours but it appears that not everyone will see the new change.

Green screen of death

This was confirmed by Matthijs Hoekstra, an employee from Microsoft who said that the change is only visible on the latest Windows 10 preview builds.

It appears that the change of colour is designed to help Microsoft spot errors in their software.

On the new version, the user will be issued with a QR code that will help diagnose the issue, this will also be sent to Microsoft. The differing colours will help Microsoft to detect where errors occur and therefore which edition of Windows 10 needs patching.

It was recently revealed the new “Game Mode” which will allow your PC to automatically adjust its hardware to allow for high-powered gaming.

The mode will enable Windows to automatically adjust the amount of resources used from the CPU and GPU whenever you are gaming – allowing for more power to be allocated for the game, rather than being wasted on apps or other processes which may be running in the background.

Via: The Verge


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