Windows 10 will be unveiled tomorrow – will you make the switch?


Microsoft will announce more details about its long-awaited operating system, Windows 10, tomorrow. Will it live up to the considerable hype, and more importantly will it restore confidence in the software giant after the debacle that was Windows 8?


Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) sent invitations out last month for an event which takes place on January 21, entitled Windows 10: the next chapter, where it’s expected that more details will be revealed about the latest version, and a look at how it works on tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft - Windows 10 on Every Device

Windows 10 is said to be a much more unified platform that will look and feel the same on every device, but in practice few people know what that will entail. It will run not only on traditional Intel-based PCs, but on smartphones and tablets that run on ARM (LON: ARM) chips. The company will be trying to make it easier for developers to create apps that will help it make some inroads in the mobile business, as it’s currently trailing way back in third place behind Android and iOS in terms of mobile devices.

Windows 8 scared off consumers

When Windows 8 was released, the company came under intense criticism for going to far focusing on mobile, and many people bemoaned the changes that were forced upon them, for example the removal of the Start button. Unfortunately, many people (especially businesses) didn’t even bother “upgrading” to Windows 8, preferring the now-ancient Windows 7.

Microsoft - Windows 8

Windows 8’s tiled interface scared off consumers.

Microsoft now needs to convince consumers why Windows is a great platform to use, for example why would anyone buy a Windows PC, a Windows Phone and a Windows tablet, rather than a PC, an Android tablet and an iPhone. In fairness, Microsoft’s ‘ecosystem’ of inter-related software and cloud-based services (such as OneDrive) work very well together – it’s just that there’s not enough choice in terms of smartphones and tablets right now.

Windows 7 is still the most popular desktop OS

Windows 7 still accounts for more than half of the desktop OS market, and Windows XP (which is now 14 years old) has around 20%. Windows 8 and the newer 8.1 account for around 15%, which indicates just how poorly the OS has been received. The upshot is that Windows 10 doesn’t really need to beat Windows 8 – it needs to be demonstrably better than Windows 7, as that’s when the business world (and everybody else) will decide to make the upgrade.

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Furthermore, Windows does not come cheap. In developing markets like Thailand, consumers rarely fork out for the full, official versions of Windows, and many new PCs come with free Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu. Apple on the other hand gives away it’s superior OS X software for free with every Mac (though you could argue the hardware is more expensive in the first place).

Windows 10 holds much promise

Coupled with the confusing array of different versions of Windows, it’s no surprise that consumers have steered clear of Windows 8 in recent years. Early versions of Windows 10 have already been leaked and previewed on the Internet, and has so far been very well received. We are expecting some great new features such as Cortana, it’s voice recognition software that comes with Windows Phone, to be included in the latest version.

We’ll know more tomorrow, but the official release date isn’t until later in the year. Nevertheless, it seems that Microsoft could be in for something of a renaissance with Windows 10, if it manages to pull it off…

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Will you make the jump to Windows 10? Is Windows as relevant as it was 10 years ago?

Let us know in the comments what you make of Microsoft’s latest operating system.



  1. Yes, I knew it was coming…another Windows version.
    To pull our money and to hide the failure of Win8?
    I stick to Win7 as long as I can. Good enough for my (semi-pro) applications.

  2. ChrisWard99 on

    The mess that is Windows 8 is the reason why I moved to Mac and I have got no plans on moving back

  3. They should offer a free upgrade, for all those who bought the failed Windows 8.

  4. Since the support for W-XP was stopped, I switched to Ubuntu(after some earlier trials on it). Don’t miss Windows at all. So I guess , I will give Windows 10 a miss as well.

  5. Geez, I still have a laptop running Vista, all other machines are on some version of Win7. I’ve never even seen or tried Win8. Just not interested in anything new until it’s been around at least a year but even so, I would never buy a new OS when the ones I have still function just fine. Same with mobile phones. I just don’t get it.

  6. Larry Punheim on

    I have been running XP since it’s first version, and STILL run it on a 2010 Mac mini production machine. I downloaded the preview version of Windows 10 and there is NOTHING that would convince me to switch over. Its constant prodding to get me to store all my files in “the cloud” is annoying, the networking is difficult to near impossible for home use UNLESS you use the homegroup “feature,” and the lack of a control panel is one more step of Big Brother (aka Micro$oft) assuming complete control of your computers and all your files.

  7. Bill, I agree with You that in Firefox the buttons to twitter etc, is irritating on the left side. In my case however, the buttons are just on the left line of text. I work with zoom level 100%, and screen resolution 1280*1024 (5:4) on a 17″ LSD screen. Your proposal to move them to the right side of the screen is fantastic.

  8. Jonathan Fairfield

    Hi, thanks for the feedback, we’ll look at the possibility of moving the share feature to another location on the site.

    In the meantime, if you mouse over the share feature you’ll see a small arrow like this ◄.
    If you click on that the share box should disappear

  9. I love ur optimism and humour 🙂 But I do hope they will upgrade Win 8 to Win 10 for free, but I am not going to hold my breath!