Windows 7 is highly insecure and no longer fit for purpose, says Microsoft


Potentially bad news for anyone who is reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10.

Earlier this week, Microsoft Germany said Windows 7 is not “fit” for use and “can no longer keep up with the increased security requirements” of the mid-2010s.

Referring to Windows 7 business users, Markus Nitschke, Head of Windows at Microsoft Germany told The Register: “Windows 7…does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments.

“Windows 7 is based on long-outdated security architectures,” he added.

Mr Nitschke also had some advice for users saying: “corporate customers in particular should deal with the transition to a modern operating system in time.”

Mr Nitschke’s comments, while aimed at business users, does not bode well for regular users of Windows 7.

Microsoft has already announced it will be ending support for Windows 7 in three years time, meaning it will no longer offer important software and security updates from 2020.

A failure to upgrade from Windows could leave users with “enormous dangers”, Microsoft says, and this is perhaps the best reason yet to upgrade to Windows 10, if you haven’t already done so.

According to Microsoft there are now 400 million devices running Windows 10 worldwide, with the Redmond firm seeing upgrades to the latest version of its operating system plateau after it ended its free upgrade offer.

However, reports from earlier this month claimed that users can still upgrade for free.

The news comes as Microsoft prepares to launch the next major update to Windows.

Expected to be released in April, the Windows 10 Creators Update, is rumoured to include a host of new features.

The most impressive of which is perhaps the reported facial recognition technology used to speed up logins and bring added security to your device.

The popular app Paint is set to get a long overdue redesign, while Microsoft will introduce a new Game Mode which will help to bring more power and performance to your PC.


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