Windows 93 is a trippy version of Windows


For those people who long for a better version of Windows, and one that is actually more fun to use, there is now an alternative called Windows 93.

Windows 93 is trippy fun

Back in the 1990’s you had to use Windows 3.1 or the Mac – then Windows 95 came on the scene and pretty much ruled the roost for a while. But imagine a parallel universe where the companies decided to go a little bit haywire, took some illegal substances and released a new operating system in 1993.

Art project Windows 93 is the brainchild of hackers/artist Jankenpopp and Zombectro. The project launched in October but today the two announced on Reddit that Windows 93 is complete and ready to use.

Windows 93 Pic 1

It’s an operating system in a browser (i.e. you can just go to their website and start using it), and it’s actually pretty great if you’re intending to spend the day ignoring all the work that you have on your plate. There’s a Doom inspired game called Castle GAFA 3D that you can play, and the Star Wars video launches an ASCII animation version of Star Wars Episode IV (i.e. the original one).

The Virtual PC app allows you to run another instance of Windows 93 in a window, where you can then run Virtual PC and launch Windows 93 in another window, and then run virtual PC to run Windows 93 in another window, and on, and on….(as you can see below). There’s even a full web browser built in, besides dozens of other apps (such as Virtual Girl).

Windows 93 Pic 3

The whole thing is one huge Easter egg filled with lots of 1990’s geek jokes that you can explore. You should definitely give Windows 93 a try, just don’t click on  “Totally not a virus. Trust me.. I’m a dolphin” .

Hopefully, when Windows 10 is released later this year, Microsoft will take some of the features of Windows 93 and implement them – it would make the software giant’s next big operating system so much more fun to use!

Let us know in the comments below which is you favourite version of Windows…


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