Windows Hello Adds Security and Personalization to Windows 10


Windows 10 users may be saying good-bye to passwords. Windows Hello is a new security tool that will use facial recognition, fingerprint scanning or an iris scan to give users access to their computer.

But before you get too excited, Microsoft notes that you’ll need to invest in some additional equipment if you want to use this feature. Right now, the company is targeting Windows Hello at government agencies and businesses.

Microsoft could have used webcams for facial recognition, but because these photos are insecure and easy to spoof, the company opted to use infrared cameras for this feature. Microsoft is looking to boost security with its new operating system release.

According to Microsoft, Windows Hello has a false accept rate of 1 in 100,000. It’s much safer than a password that can be hacked, stolen, forgotten or lost.

While the new security tool may not be aimed at the average PC user just yet, consumers will be able to use Windows Hello in the future.

Windows 10 will also come with support for another security tool: Passport. Passport will allow you to login to apps, websites and networks without needing a password. The new tool will work with Windows Hello to verify your identity.