VIDEO: Wonderful ‘dumb phone’ will help beat smartphone addiction


Creators of the Light Phone are back with a new device called, yep you guessed it, The Light Phone 2! The company claims the new device allows users to “leave behind their smartphone”.

The original Light Phone launched in 2015 and was designed to be a back up to your regular phone with the ability to stay connected to your smartphone but without the endless features and bloatware, you find on modern devices.

The next generation of the Light Phone already broke its crowdfunding goal with three weeks to spare, proving there is a definite market for a more basic phone.

The new device has the same low-energy, black and white e-ink display as its predecessor and the same metal body. Screen navigation is done through the use of two buttons located on the side of the phone.

Additional features not seen on the original are 4G support, music player and navigation tools along with the standard calling, messaging and alarm features.

The concept of the Light Phone 2 is to allow users to take a break and step away from the multitude of social media and news that fills a smartphone, call it a ‘Digital Detox’.

The company describes the concept as ‘going light’ hence the name of the phone and points out the fact that today’s modern devices have become convoluted and confusing for users.

The original device needed to be linked to another smartphone to operate, however, the new model is a completely standalone product with its own sim card.

According to the creators, The Light Phone 1 has around 10,000 users and the crowdfunding for the Light Phone 2 has already reached $675,000 a huge jump from the initial goal of $250,000, more than 2,000 people have already backed the campaign.

Light Phone stated they goal is to start shipping the phone in April 2019.


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