Worried your partner might be having an affair? Check out the mCouple app!


Jealousy, the green eyed monster, is an ugly part of our character, that most of us try very hard to keep under wraps.

But when that side of ourselves starts to appear, this app can help anyone who is worried that their husband or wife is having an affair which can then confirm their suspicions or worst fears, and subdue the jealous rage within. Unless they are in fact cheating on you, then by all means let that jealousy out!

The mCouple app is a new app that gives users complete and utter access to their other halves smartphone, which allows them to see the texts sent and received/sent by the partners phone. Facebook messages being sent and chats can be seen, and being able to track their current location using the GPS technology.

The app allows contacts to be tracked, as it can monitor and log calls as well as call history can be seen. Logs in every entry in the he target devices address book, can then be viewed via the other persons phone.

The app has been developed by the London-based firm mSpy. It can even be used to record voice conversations from a partners phone, as well as being able to access the photos and videos that are stored on their device.

If offers the possibility of checking up on a partner as you may be suspecting that they are having an affair. However the creators stress that the user must gain consent before downloading the app onto their partners phone.

Relationship experts warn against use of mCouple

The company markets this app for parents who want to keep tabs on their children or business owners who want to keep close tabs on  the behaviour of their employees, but they acknowledge that a lot of the customers who download this app use it to try and catch out their cheating partner.

Lawyers say that any attempt to spy secretly using these apps would show that there has been a clear invasion of privacy and would be illegal. Relationship experts have also warned against the use of the mCouple app in almost all circumstances.

Once installed on both phones, it can show virtually everything a user does.

This is because the app runs on what the company calls ‘stealth mode’ and its does not appear in the phone owners app list. It works in a similar way to encryption lockers that are designed to be hidden deliberately and can only be found by the installer.

These apps, however, are mostly designed to protect information and privacy. Subscribers can choose to sync the data automatically, only over Wi-Fi, or manually and if automatic sync is selected, then the data is updated every 30 minutes.

Peace of mind or something more sinister?

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One user claims that the app had worked on his girlfriends phone. “It really works. Thanks to the app, I am single right now because I caught my ex-girlfriend cheating”, he wrote onto the Apps Google Play page.

Susan Quilliam, a relationship coach and psychologist says, “I can understand why people might want to download this. Perhaps one party has cheated and they want to give the other person complete access to all areas of their life so they know they won’t do it again. Or perhaps one person in the couple has cheated in the past, so the other person insists on them using this app.

‘But both of these approaches are missing the point because they don’t address the reasons why affairs happen in the first place. It’s like taking a painkiller for a broken leg – it will stop the pain for a while but it won’t save your leg.

‘It might sound old-fashioned but if you suspect your partner of having an affair, the best way to go about it is just to sit down and talk to them. if you can’t do that because they might blow up in your face, then theres more at play here than just the cheating”

While some couples out there might be happy to share every single living moment with one another, Quilliam suggests that it can be a good idea to keep some things private, even in the healthiest of relationships.

“A balanced partnership is one in which you both have your own identities,” she said. “There is such a thing as too much detail or too much access. And if you download this app without their permission, you are being as dishonest with them as they are with you.

With this couples tracker, you will have a peace of mind since you’ll always know where your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is and what they are doing. You will know that your other half is safe at all times, and no secrets will stand between you two with this mobile app.

You can download this app for free on the:

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