Write Better Resumes With Jobscan


Large businesses often use application tracking software (ATS) to scan all potential applicants and narrow down the company’s choices to eliminate wasted HR time. This software makes use of keywords to flag a candidate as a smart choice for a specific position.

A problem that many job seekers don’t realize, if the right keywords aren’t present in your resume, you won’t be called in for an interview. Jobscan, a new startup, helps job applicants get their resumes seen by a person by effectively getting past the ATS system.

What Jobscan does is find identifying keywords for a specific position and field. The software will then recommend that these keywords be inserted into a resume to make sure a real person actually receives the resume and reads through it. The developer that created Jobscan had the same issue – getting his resume in the hands of a real person – after working in China for two years.

According to the company, Jobscan can identify the keywords that 90 percent of employers expect to find in a resume.

Jobscan analyzes a job’s description for keywords and then compares the user’s resume with the description to find the right keywords for the job.

Currently, Jobscan offers 5 free resume scans a month and 50 free scans if you’ve been unemployed for over a year.


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