xHamster hacked: 380,000 user accounts leaked online


If you have an account with adult entertainment site xHamster, you will want to read this next bit of news.

Hackers are selling more than 380,000 xHamster passwords, usernames and email addresses on the dark web, according to a report by Motherboard.

Members of xHamster are urged to change their passwords immediately.

Motherboard claims the leaked data is genuine and has been verified and correspond to existing xHamster accounts.

A source at security site LeakBase told Motherboard that while it had no information on the details of the hack, cyber criminals discovered a vulnerability in the site and managed to its security earlier this year.

And if users used the same login details elsewhere, hackers would also be able to access other online accounts.

xHamster has since confirmed that the data being traded on the dark web is genuine but said there was no risk to users as all passwords are encrypted.

However, the report on Motherboard claimed that user passwords were poorly hashed, meaning they could be cracked by hackers in a matter of seconds and used to carry out phishing or spamming campaigns.

A spokesperson for xHamster said: “The passwords of all xHamster users are properly encrypted, so it is almost impossible to hack them. Thus, all the passwords are safe and the users data secured”.

However, the company failed to provide any details on the breach or respond the claims about the poorly hashed passwords.

If you are not aware, xHamster is an adult entertainment site that actually has around 12 million registered users.

The news about xHamster comes less than a month after a massive cyber attack exposed the login details of more than 412 million user accounts of another adult entertainment site, Adult Friend Finder.


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