Xiaomi launches new smart rice cooker


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is perhaps best known for its smartphones, tablets, TVs and fitness trackers but it also produces its own range of home appliances.

In addition to its water purifiers, air purifiers, security sensors and a whole load more home appliances, the company has just announced the launch of the Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker.

Xiaomi markets its products as being high quality and well designed, yet affordable.

Xiaomi’s new smart rice cooker, which is priced around 5,000 Baht, works with an app that enables you to scan the barcode of a packet of rice in order to tell you how long you should cook it for and at what temperature.

Xiaomi has said that the accompanying app has information on cooking instructions for over 200 brands of rice and more than 2000 different cooking methods.

It also has a Daikin Neoflon non-stick coating which Xiaomi claims is superior to most other rice cookers and which should make cleaning the rice cooker a doddle.

The cooker was officially launched in China on April 6, although it may be some time before we see it on the shelves here in Thailand as the company is yet to reveal if the rice cooker will be available outside of its native China.


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