Yahoo Mail update brings new features including better previews and an option to un-send


How many times have you sent an email in error, or sent one and regretted it immediately afterwards?

The latest Yahoo Mail app update now has the facility to be able to un-send an email as well as being able to quickly find contact information.

The new app has certainly been a hit with those who have seen it, describing it as “a beautiful design, easy to use interface and lightning fast speed”.

All of these factors make reading and sending emails a whole lot easier.

You can sync Yahoo Mail with Gmail, Outlook and AOL along with a host of other email providers. It even offers 1000GB of free cloud storage so you won’t have to worry about filling you inbox again.

The new version of Yahoo Mail includes the ability to undo an email immediately after it has been sent as well as having the facility to not only find email addresses but phone numbers too. When you conduct the search the result will be clear and easy to use.

Yahoo Mail is now available from the App Store and Google Play free of charge.


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