Yahoo Unveils Mobile Development Suite


Yahoo unveiled its Yahoo Mobile Development Suite at its first mobile development conference yesterday. The suite combines three of the company’s apps – Search in Apps, Yahoo App Publishing and App Marketing – with its Flurry Analytics. The company acquired the analytics platform last year.

At present, Flurry has 200,000 developers that have created 630,000 apps with a reach of 1.6 billion devices. Yahoo receives 575 million mobile visitors each month and generated $1.2 billion in mobile revenue in 2014. Each app in Yahoo’s new the development suite will be updated and tied together.

In addition, Flurry will also be launching its own analytics tool, Flurry Explorer. The new tool will allow you to ask complicated questions of your data and have that question answered in seconds. Flurry Explorer will be free at any scale, making it a fierce competitor for Mixpanel.

Along with its analytics tool, the company will also be launching Flurry Pulse. Pulse lets developers share their data with partners in a secure way and without bogging down the app’s performance.

Yahoo’s App Publishing will also help developers monetize their applications. Through the Flurry SDK, Gemini native ads can be integrated into app feeds. Regardless of how the app looks, the Gemini system can morph its ads to blend seamlessly with the app’s design. Developers can also integrate BrightRoll, Yahoo’s newly acquired video adtech service, into their apps as well. If an app features video content, developers can use BrightRoll to monetize their creation.

Yahoo’s Search in Apps will allow developers to integrate Yahoo search into their applications to keep users from bouncing. If the user clicks on a search ad, the developer will share in the ad revenue.

The new suite of apps is a part of Yahoo’s efforts to give developers the tools they need to develop and monetize their own apps. The goal is to convince app developers to buy and host Yahoo ads.


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