New YotaPhones get Sailfish OS not Android


Yota, the Russian company that makes the dual-screened YotaPhone, has decided not to use Google’s Android on future devices. Instead, the company will use Jolla’s Sailfish, which is a spin-off of Nokia’s former MeeGo Linux-based operating system. Sailfish, that was built by many of the same people that worked on MeeGo, beat Samsung’s Tizen in Yota’s search for an alternative OS.

YotaPhone phones to drop Android

It’s not yet clear if the current YotaPhone 2 will also be offered with Sailfish in future. It’s unlikely though that currently-sold phones could be updated over the air to use Sailfish instead, but it’s possible the company might start selling a Sailfish version of the YotaPhone 2.

Many of the users of YotaPhone devices have tended to be people fascinated with anything related to Android. But without Google’s mobile OS, and the idea of getting the software features of Lollipop and Android M in future, there’s unfortunately not much aside from the dual-screen ePaper display to recommend the phone. In theory though it’s possible that Android apps could still run on Sailfish however.

YotaPhone was recently released in the US. The unique devices which has two “front displays” as a customisable e-Paper display on the rear…

With the news that future YotaPhone devices will drop Android, the decision to use Sailfish will only surely serve to make the phone more niche than it already is.



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