You can now play chess on Facebook Messenger


We all know that you can do many things with Facebook Messenger, send massages, send pictures and even make calls but did you know that you know that you can play chess against your Facebook friends?

Unless you have read it on a forum, in an article or spoken to friends the most likely answer would be “no” – the game is a “secret”!

So how do you play the game if it is such a secret? Quite simply you open a chat in the normal manner with one you Facebook friends and type “@fbchess play” (without quotation marks” and away you go – you are ready to challenge to become the next Grand Master – well perhaps in your imagination anyway!

Sadly, the usability of the game is not as good as it could be with no touchscreen technology being used so you must type in the commands for the moves that you want to make.

For example “@fbchess Pe4” will move a pawn into position e4. A full list of commands, of which there are obviously many, can be found by typing “@fbchess help”.

It certainly isn’t the finished article but it isn’t a bad attempt and is something a little bit different that people may wish to play on their commute to school or work perhaps as an alternative to Candy Crush.

Will the chess games that are available in Google’s Play store feel threatened?

Probably not, and it is unlikely that Chess on Facebook Messenger will really appeal to the more serious players but no doubt it will improve in time like everything else that Facebook seems to introduce.


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