You can now send animated GIFs on WhatsApp – here’s how it works


WhatsApp version 2.16.15 now allows iOS users to send live photos and GIFs.

At this stage there is no way of searching for GIFs as there is in apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Slack but it is still a big step for the app.

The news comes after WhatsApp added the option to make and recieve video calls to its latest beta version.

Last month, Amnesty International heaped praise on WhatsApp for being the ‘most secure’ messaging platform available to users.


How to send GIFs on WhatsApp


1. As WhatsApp doesn’t include an integrated GIF search at this stage you will need to source them from a third party – GIPHY is a good source

2. You can download the GIPHY keyboard from the APP Store

3. You then need to enable to GIPHY the keyboard by selecting: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard

4. To access the keyboard you need to go to the globe icon in the lower left-hand corner of the iOS keyboard and highlight GIPHY

5. Assuming that we are now using GIPHY you simply search for an emotion, TV show, actor or anything else that you want to go along side your text

6. Now tap the ‘share’ icon and the GIF is sent directly to WhatsApp – therefore there is no need to send it to your camera roll

7. Should you wish to add your own video, so long as it is six seconds or less you can convert it to a GIF – just select it from your camera roll and then convert it to GIF. You can then trim, annotate or alter the video, attach it to your message, and send it to your friends!



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