You may never want to use Facebook again after this new feature is launched


A new feature could be about to annoy huge amounts of people on Facebook.

Reports suggest that Facebook is about to start testing something called “mid-roll” video advertising before a full-scale roll out later this year.

Mid-roll ads will run right in the middle of videos that users are watching although they are different to those that feature on YouTube as it is possible to jump straight to videos uploaded on Facebook feeds.

However, there is little doubt that these mid-roll ads will be annoying to those who regularly enjoy watching videos especially as they won’t start until viewers have watched at least 20 seconds of their chosen feed.

There is some good news however; if the video that you have uploaded does go viral you could be in a position to make some serious amounts of money.

According to tech site, Recode, Facebook will pay publishers 55 per cent of any revenue generated by the new ads.

It is likely that the mid-roll ads will appear in videos that are posted by professional publishers initially.

It is not hard to understand why advertisers will be getting excited by video advertising with the popular social network racking up 100 million hours of video viewing time a day! In the past, publishers have complained about the lack of opportunities to earn money from Facebook video.

Facebook has so far declined to comment on the reports so we do not know if the mid-rolls will work with Facebook Live or indeed any other details about regarding the new ad format.


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