You may see more Apple apps on Android, hints Tim Cook


Tim Cook the CEO of Apple has recently hinted that users may soon see more Apple apps on Android.

He went on to say that Apple Music was “testing the water” in terms of seeing how that apps were received by consumers and whether there was enough of an interest to release more on their major competitors platform.

At the moment there is plenty of speculation as to what apps may be made available although there has been no official announcement as yet.

The likes iMessage would perhaps be a welcome addition to Android users, although let’s face it, Android already has more than its fair share of messaging apps.

iCloud services from calendars to email to notes also look likely candidates as too would ApplePay but there are doubts about whether the latter would be feasible in terms of security.

Apple has always been keen to retain some exclusivity of their products but that have noted that is potentially limiting their market especially with Google and Microsoft keen for their products to be available on as many devices as possible regardless of the operating system that is used.

Apple will need to discover whether there is a demand for many of their apps with similar software already available from the Play Store and if they can fit in and be accepted within the Android ecosystem.

It will be interesting to see consumer reaction with many seeing it as a savvy business move whilst other claiming that Apple have ‘already missed the boat’ in terms of their previous stance.

Only time will tell be for now it seems that this will be the approach that Apple are going to adopt.


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