You will soon be able to send GIFs on Whatsapp


Whatsapp has be criticised in past for being a little slow on the uptake when it has come to including new features on their instant messaging service.

Although it has not yet be officially announced, Whatsapp are trialing a beta version that will allow users to send GIFs to each other – something that has been available on Facebook and Twitter for some time now.

Graphic Interface Format – to give them their full title, will allow users to send auto play videos to each other where in the past they had to settle for using emojis or, heaven forbid, words to communicate with each other.

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At this stage, there is no suggestion that GIFs on Whatsapp will come with a built in library similar to that offered on Facebook Messenger so users may have to resort to finding the GIFs themselves through a conventional search.

Homer Simpson Gif

An example of a GIF

As mentioned, both Facebook and Twitter have embraced GIFs for a while now so they are sure to be well received by Whatsapp’s 1 billion users.

The days of typing conversation may finally be at an end with Whatsapp aligning themselves with the other messaging services!

In recent months, Whatsapp has launched a new desktop app available on Windows and iOS and also add the ability for users to add basic formatting to messages.


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